200 Swats….Ouch!!!

After seeing the hard and stern spankings from Niko, we decided to feature one of his best videos, “200 Swats….Ouch!!!” and contact him for an interview. Get to know Niko below and then click on the link to watch the video.

– Marcus

Featured Video Title: 200 swats…..!

Description: She gets 200 swats with the strap for having only 200 lines of 400 she was suppose to write!

Check out one of the most popular videos from our good friend Niko:


Interview with Niko:

Marcus: How long have you been into spanking?

Niko: I’ve actually been into the scene for over 25 years I started out spanking my girlfriend when I was 17 and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Marcus: Where do you find your models?

Niko: Back before the Internet it was pretty impossible to find spanko’s out there but over the last 11 years the net has opened all types of avenues for myself and the rest of the spanking community! I’ve found all the spanko’s in my videos from spanking personal sites such as SIN Spankinginternet.com and Spankfinder.com.

Marcus: Tell us about your spankings and models?

Niko: The ladies in my videos are not paid models but true spanko’s who agree to let me film them while I give them a real life spanking. What ever the issue or subject matter in my videos rest assure that it was not some made up fictional story line for the camera.

I don’t generally show the spankee’s face because most are reluctant to be filmed let alone let the world know their business so to speak as they’re being spanked, so sorry for that but I have to honor their requests. I don’t film everyone I see just those who are willing to share the experience with the spanking community.
I’m a true Disciplinarian and I’ll give sessions to anyone who feels the need for discipline structure and accountability in their life.

Marcus: You have a website called SpankingEncounters.com. When is it going to be completed so we can see some more of your great videos?

Niko: I’m working hard to get my site up and running although it’s a lot more work then I imagined it would be. I hope to have it in full swing by May.

Marcus: Thank you for the interview Niko and keep the videos coming.

Niko: Thanks for the interview and to all you spanko’s out there! Happy Spankings!