Simply Discipline and Female Domination

Peaches, who is new to Spanking Tube, but has been active in the BDSM and Spanking community for many years, has now opened his own Clips4sale store called Simply Discipline. When visiting Simply Discipline you will find the sexy and dominant Lola along with many other woman including Miss Chris, Lady Mina, and Sky Terrapin serving out the punishments. *(Lady Mina and Sky Terrapin videos coming soon)
Peaches latest video released on 1/24/22 titled, “Discipline in the Bedroom With Lola and Peaches” is simply amazing. The way Lola grabs Peaches cock with such authority while she spanks and straps his ass to a bright red. Whew, any man would be lucky to trade places with Peaches. 🙂

Here are some links to find Peaches:
Clips4sale Simply Discipline Videos – Exclusive Peaches Femdom F/M Videos
Clips4sale Madam Director Videos – Lola Exclusive Femdom F/M Videos
Peaches1NYC SpankingTube Account – For Simply Discipline Peaches Trailers

Latest SpankingTube trailer as of 1/24/2022, “Discipline In The Bedroom, With Lola and Peaches”

Photos Courtesy of Peaches – Current and Past Discipline:

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