The Spanker Machine

Let’s say you away on a trip and your partner has been naughty. Now you have a solution to correct the bad behavior while your away. If you have Skype or Facetime you can even watch the action as the Spanker Machine punishes your partners ass until it is a nice shade of red.

Here is a quote straight from the site, “This the Domestic Spanking Machine that you were waiting for. A discreet machine, that you can mount into any surface, Then, just fix your favorite implement, and is ready to spank! Have you ever had the fantasy of being spanked?
How will be your spanking tolerance? Spanker Machine will show you this and more, because goes through the sweet erotic spanking, to the hard stroke of a firm hand. Small, discreet and powerful, it can be easily stored, it´s size is like a tennis ball tin. It allows coupling domestic, or commercial implements, that you desire.

Below is a video of the Spanker Machine in action. Oooo that is a nice ass!!