Realspanking – 20+ years of Great Spankings

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. M back in the early 2000’s and it was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. Going to work everyday, filming spanking content, working with a small team, ahhhh those were the days. Watching a new girl come in for the first time, nervous, and then receiving her first “Punishment Profile” spanking at the hands of Lady D, it was just great. 🙂

Realspankings has been around since 1998 giving us great spanking content each and every week. They started their main site,, in 1998, that is over 20 years of spankings. They were one of the first spanking membership sites and they still give us 3 spanking scenes a week for only $21.95 a month. I do not believe they have ever raised their prices even though you now get 2,610 Scenes, 12,949 Video Files, and 109,644 Image Files, which increases each and every week.
After launching a few smaller sites their next site was Realspankings Institute which was released to the world in 2003 and again is still going strong with 3 updates a week. If you love school girl spanking, this is the site for you.

If you are looking for a bargain they have temporarily lowered the price of their pass site, Realspankings Pass, to only $34.95 per months for 8 sites. It is a great value.

Here are some early spanking images and videos. Cheers, Marcus

Follow me into the past

Follow me into the past. Do you remember when there were only a few spanking website available on the internet. Or even when you had to join a Adult Verifier Membership, or whatever it was called. 🙂 Good Times.. I wanted to get a list together of some of the spanking sites that have been around the longest, have tons of content, and still have a great price. Most of the sites below still update with new content 3 times a week. What do you remember?

As of 9/29/2018:

Site Name:
# of Scenes: 2,563
# of Videos: 12,808
# of Images: 108,921
Updates: 3 Times a Week
Price: 1 Month $21.95 / 3 Month $43.95 / 6 Month $69.95

Site Name:
# of Scenes: 2,329
# of Images: 61,946
Updates: 3 Times a Week
Price: 1 Month $24.95 / 3 Month $49.95 / 6 Month $89.95

Site Name:
# of Scenes: 1,830
# of Images: 21,298
Updates: 3 Times a Week
Price: 1 Month $20.00 / 6 Month $80.00

The Kiki Files available at the Spanking Library

If you are looking for hard spankings and a good deal. Check out The Kiki Files below. 80 Min video for only $17.00
The Kiki Cali Files. Kiki has emerged onto the spanking scene quickly as, in addition to being stunningly gorgeous, her pain tolerances rival any model in the industry. This video, running 80 minutes in length with 16 separate scenes, features some of her hardest scenes. You will see her properly punished with heavy wooden school paddles, belts, cane, hand, wooden spoon, and straps. There is even a scene in which she is required to insert an extra large butt plug before her punishments. These are not light and playful punishments, this is the real thing leading to her perfect little bottom being bruised and marked for days. If you are a Kiki Cali lover, this video is a must have.

Item Details
File Size: 1427.05 MB
File Type: MPEG 4 (mp4)
Resolution: 1920X1080
Movie Length: 80 Minutes
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