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Since opened 2 and a half years ago it has been steadily growing and now has over 4000 spanking clips to choose from. Spanking Library offers premium spanking clips from the top spanking producers from all over the world. One of the largest spanking producers, Girls Boarding School, has now joined Spanking Library and has been uploading a great variety of top spanking clips. Below is a glimpse of what is currently available from Girls Boarding School. Make sure to visit their Spanking Library Store to see the complete list of clips available.

Title: How many more you deserve

movprev200702802Description: Natascha has managed to break practically every rule in the book at Girls Boarding School in the short time she has been a student there. This time, Headmaster Tom has had more than enough of her nonsense. What has brought it all to a head is the fact that she has stayed out all night three times in the past week. Now it is comeuppance time. She is in a precarious position – leaning over the back of a chair with her hands on the floor. If her arms were to give way she’d fall on her head. HM Tom explains to her that she is going to tell him when she’s had enough. But, he does warn her that if she says ‘enough’ too soon, he’ll give her ten times more. So she has no alternative but to agree to what he is saying. The cane comes down hard on her taut rounded bottom. After each stroke of the cane, she has to say – ‘Thank you sir, another one please.’ Scared that she may say ‘enough’ too soon, she endures many more strokes of the cane than she needs to. Eventually, she screams out, ‘enough sir’ while the tears run down her cheeks. The punishment is over. Telling her to keep in position and reflect on her behaviour in the past, he leaves her with a very sore bottom.

Title: Last day of the month

Girls Boarding SchoolEmma is fast asleep in her nice cosy bed – she is quite oblivious as to what is about to happen to her. HM Tom knocks on her bedroom door and without waiting for a replay he walks purposefully into her room. He’s carrying a cane. Reminding Emma that it’s the last day of the month and that means it’s punishment day. He asks to see her punishment book. Oh dear! The first few days in October she was well behaved. However, from the sixth onwards, she was in trouble daily – from failing her tests yet again to shoplifting. She is told to get in position. Still half asleep, like a zombie she piles her bedding up in the middle of the bed. Pulling down her pyjama bottoms, she lies face down over the pile of bedding; her smooth pink bottom awaits her punishment. HM Tom puts the cane to good use. Bringing it down hard on her bottom, causing lines and welts to appear. Because she tries to tell him that she’s learned her lesson, he doesn’t agree, but as it’s time she went to school – her punishment would be continued that evening after school. She hurriedly dresses into her white school blouse and navy skirt. Pulling on her navy blue knickers and white knee high socks, she sets off to go to school, knowing she had more of the same to look forward to that evening.

Title: The Shoplifter

Girls Boarding SchoolDescription: Headmaster Tom is supervising Christine while she is doing her homework. His phone is shrilly ringing and he answers it rather impatiently. As he can’t make head or tail of who is calling, he suggests it’s a wrong number. However, the person making the call is insistent that he has the right number. What he says next shocks HM Tom – who is indignant that someone should be accusing one of his students of shoplifting. Meanwhile, Christine who could hear all this, is beginning to cringe and fidget. When HM Tom tells Christine to open her blouse, she is reluctant to do so, but she realises that refusing to do as she is told is futile. Beneath her white school blouse she’s wearing a black bra and moments before, HM Tom was telling Mr Wilson from a shop in town, that the girls at GBS are strictly forbidden to wear black underwear. Therefore, HM Tom is embarrassed. And he apologises to Mr Wilson and promises to punish Christine and suggests that he stays on the phone and listens while poor Christine receives corporal punishment. Christine is ordered to remove her blouse and the offending bra then bend over the table. With a wooden paddle, he makes toast of her bottom. Mr Wilson on the other end of the phone can hear everything – the sound of the paddle making contact with her bottom – her screams of pain – what he can’t see are the tears running down her face. HM Tom gets back on the phone to check if Mr Wilson is satisfied with the way he has treated Christine, the answer is yes and he won’t be contacting the police. HM Tom hands the phone to Christine – telling her to apologise to Mr Wilson. Rather hesitantly she says she is sorry and it won’t happen again. When HM Tom hangs up the phone, he tells Christine her punishment is not over yet. Ordering her to remove her trousers knickers and shoes, so that she is completely naked, she is to stand against the wall for two hours with her hands on her head. When her fellow students at Girls Boarding School come home – Christine and her very red bottom will be in full view. After the two hours she is to get dressed and go back to the shop and return the black bra.