Spanking Plus

There is a new Spanking website in town that combines 3D effects and live models. You can check it out at

A note from the owner, “About

I got bored watching so many spanking clips with little or no action.
so I created which is quite a bit different to most spanking sites.

I use real models and Chroma key to remove the background, then add the models to
computer generated scenes and characters, to create fairly realistic spanking environments
Absolutely nothing is real, it’s all virtual reality.

I also get the models to over react, to the spanking/caning,
most of the time they jump up and dance about, not just stuck in one pose with hardly any reaction.
with a little bit of makeup , lines drawn on their bottoms, a few fake tears the clips seem fairly real.

I hope your members enjoy the samples of this unique approach and visit
which has over 250 clips in the members area, and thousands of images, growing all the time
so that I can continue to produce these different spanking scenarios.”