UK Age Verification Coming Soon

If you live in the UK be prepared to verify your age before you access any porn site. Your country has passed the Digital Economy Act and has set a enforcement date of July 15th, 2019 that requires pretty much any porn site, even outside of the UK, to verify the users age before they are able to gain access to any content/images if their IP Address is from the UK. If porn sites do not comply with these measures they can be fined, blocked by ISP’s, have their billing revoked, etc. Not sure how a fine would work for lets say a person / company in the U.S. but they could very easily force billing companies like CCBill, Epoch, etc to stop billing for non-complaint porn sites.

I think most of us could agree that we do not want underage individuals looking at porn, at least hardcore porn, but on the flip side the naked body and sex is a natural thing that should be celebrated and not hidden behind some wall. I personally find it more offensive with all the hate and violence all over of the internet and would much rather that be banned than a beautiful image of a naked woman.

I am not sure 100% what we are going to do since we own and many other spanking sites but will see how things go over the next few months. If you live in the UK be ready to get some sort of Age Verification Card or at the minimum a subscription to a VPN service like Private Internet Access.

Here are some articles about what is coming and a few about what services will be used to check your age.

Age Verification services / software that have been talked about:


AgeID – which is owned by MindGeek / PornHub.