Selling your Spanking Clips

Have you ever thought about selling your own spanking videos? If you have, then there is an abundance of websites to help you make some money. All the websites below allow you to create your own custom store, upload your spanking videos, and take care of the customer service and credit card processing. There are a few differences between websites including payout percentage, (your percentage from each sale), and if they offer DRM or Streaming. The Clip  sites we are going to discuss are: or


One of the largest and most used websites that allows you to sell your own spanking movies and videos is called,

Clips4sale offers a great payout of 60% on each clip sale. Your commission is based on each video sale regardless of where the sale comes from.  Right now there are over 225 spanking stores and thousands of spanking clips. To see  a few sample stores follow these links, Outlaw Video, Firm Hand Spanking Clips, and Spanked Coeds.

Clips4sale Stats:
HOSTING We host and distribute all clips on our secure Linux servers.
BANDWIDTH We handle all the bandwidth used to download clips on our High Speed OC-192 lines.
STORAGE We store all clips on our secure Linux servers.
PROCESSING We handle all credit card processing with 128bit secure SSL technology.
DISCREET BILLING All credit card transactions will be discreetly billed.
SERVICE We handle all customer service questions and or problems.  We even have a toll free number for customers to call.
ROYALTY We pay out a 60% Royalty on all Clip sales, 75% on all Video sales, and 60% on all Image sales made.  All Royalties are dispersed on the 7th of each month!
UPLOADING We have our own uploading system so there is no need for an FTP program. It’s very simple to use and will make life easier for those who are not too computer savy.
S.C.C. Clips4sale uses S ecure C lip C onnect for all clip downloads. This new technology was designed exclusively for Clips 4 Sale to eliminate any unauthorized clip downloads. Other distributors can’t offer this technology to you and if you’re not using Clips 4 sale as a distributor, then chances are you are losing money.
E-MAIL LIST We provide a complete customer email list that can be used to mass mail at any time. This will be essential to increase volume of clip / picture distribution.
STATS You will have the ability to check your clip / picture stats  24 / 7. Detailed stats tell you which clips / pictures are selling well.
HIT COUNTER We provide you with a Traffic Hit Counter so you can see where your traffic is coming from.
SEARCH We will provide a search tool for customers to search through the material we represent.

————————————————————————– is owned by the biggest PPV company, National A-1 Internet. They are most known for their main website, Fetishclips varies a little on how they pay you for your video clips. The base commission is on the low end, it is only 20%. The other way to make more money on your videos is through their webmaster/affiliate program. If you send the customer to your customized video site on fetishclips you will receive an additional commission of 25%. You not only make more money on your clips but if the customer buys any other clips offered on fetishclips you get 25%.  Below is more information.


  • Create Your Own Store
  • Price, Describe And Schedule Your Own Clips
  • Get Paid Every Time A User Purchases Your Clips

Send Traffic To And Get Paid Any Time Your Customer Purchases A Clip.
Bonus Revenue

  • And Promote Each Other
  • Get Paid When Your Customer Purchases From Either Site
  • Sign Up For One Site & We Automatically Create Registration For You On The Other Site

Hosting, Bandwidth, Storage

  • We host and distribute all clips on our secure Linux servers
  • We provide the bandwidth used to download clips from our in house data center
  • We store all clips on our secure servers that interface with our Sans.
  • Content is 100% secure and cannot be copied

We Handle Credit Card Processing Using 128bit Secure SSL Technology
Discreet Billing
All credit card transactions are discreetly billed and are shown on a user’s bill as


ClipClinic is new on the scene but is backed by one of the top PayPerView companies, AEBN. The payout structure is the same at Fetishclips but they offer a higher commission. You get 40% when a customer buys your clips and get another 30% if the customer buys your clips from your customized store. Again, you also get 30% if your customers buy any other spanking clip on the ClipClinic.


Easy to use design module lets you control the look and feel of your stores.

Set your own price.

No setup or startup fees!

Monitor your traffic and sales stats with ease.

————————————————————————– is another newcomer to the business of selling clips. Just like all the rest of the companies, you create your own customized store, upload spanking clips, and then start making money. The payout structure is the same as Clips4sale. The only different is that you get a 60% instead of 70% with clips4sale. One thing has going for it is the high commission rate and the clean site design.  See below for more information.


Hosting and BandwidthWe supply these two critical functions, expertly and professionaly. Our server clusters are second to none and we buy the most reliable bandwidth available to ensure your customers can get what they paid for.

Transaction ProcessingQuite simply, NOBODY on the web has more experience in dealing with online adult credit card transactions than we do. We have maintained our own merchant accounts since 1995, which in web time is an eternity. Your customers will see *Diamond Intl* on their credit card statements, so they will be secure in their privacy from adult content being shown on their statements.

Top Shelf AdminWe provide you with everything you need to market your content in the best manner possible. Comprehensive stats include a variety of visitor tracking capabilities, sales tracking, unique tracking by video clip, the list is extensive and too long to place here. Rest assured, you will not find it’s equal anywhere else.

Customer Service – While you are welcome to discuss anything you wish with your customers at any time, we take pride in great customer service and we look forward to handling the service required for your particular store(s). This includes email and telephone service.

Content UploadingWe have built a proprietary system that makes it incredibly easy for you to populate your store with your video clips. A few simple mouse clicks and your videos are uploaded and transferred to our servers, the video samples are created and thumbnails generated. Nothing could be easier!

Fully Functional SearchAs your name and content become more popular, people that have never even visited Fetish Videos before will be able to find you quickly and easily.

DRM CapabilityDRM means Digital Rights Management and it can be used to protect your content from casual sharing of your videos with people that have not purchased them. DRM has some downsides, primarly a lower number of people that can purchase (ie, Mac users can not view DRM files) and a possible stigma from people that do not like DRM and won’t purchase because of it. We leave this choice up to you.

Email SalesNobody likes spam, but the fact remains that email generates tremendous sales. Our email system allows for you to gently remind your customers of updates to your store in a legally compliant manner that they will appreciate rather than dislike. And of course they can choose not to accept them if they wish.

Advertising Budget – Fetish Videos is obviously the premiere destination on the internet for anyone wanting to purchase FETISH VIDEOS. Our name speaks for itself and has been easily branded among millions of potential customers every single day. If you want cars, you go to – if you want to check for hotels you visit and if you want some fetish videos, you go to! Even if someone doesn’t click to our site that day, they will remember the name Fetish Videos and will find us AND YOU, eventually. Partnering with us will be the best decision you will ever make.

Commission StructureWe pay a base of 60% to you on all your sales. Yes, you heard correctly! Even though we pay for ALL the hosting and bandwidth, even though we pay for one of the largest adult server networks on the planet, even though we pay for all the credit card fees and maintenance, even though we pay for top-of-the-line programming staff and customer service people, AND we pay for a staggering amount of advertising per month, we STILL give you a base payout of 60% on all sales. We don’t even take half (feel free to send holiday presents to us) and better yet, we are happy to work with high volume producers to INCREASE their payouts! Please don’t ask for this until you have shown you have great content that sells incredibly well as we need to eat, too!


That is it folks. So if you are sitting at home, have a video camera, and a willing wife, husband, or parter, get to filming. We want to see your spanking videos.  Remember that once you create your own spanking store, is here to host your trailers or free spanking clips.

– Marcus