Bill and Sarah’s Excellent Adventure

Bill and Sarah

If you have not viewed Bill and Sarah’s videos by now on Spankingtube, you are missing out. As of right now they have uploaded 58 free videos to SpankingTube for everyone’s enjoyment. Recently they uploaded a video asking for donations so they could travel across the U.S. bringing you tons more free videos. Their offer is this: for ever dollar you donate Sarah or Bill will be handspanked by that number. If you are so inclined to donate to Bill and Sarah’s cause you can donate any amount to their paypal account at:

To see their donation request videos go here:

After they uploaded their donation videos I decided to contact them and get a short interview. See below:

How long have you been interested in spanking?
Bill- I have been into spanking since I was about 9 or so, and have always had spanking dreams, and re-creations of things running through my mind that I see in everyday life
Sarah- I don’t know for sure, but at least since age ten or so. For a long time I satisfied myself through spanking fanfiction, until I learned more about it.

Were you spanked as a child?
Bill- Very seldom, and when I was it was over jeans, with a belt or spoon
Sarah- Does one swat with the hand over jeans count? That’s all I ever got, and it was only once, when I was ten.

So, what’s your favorite spanking position?
Bill- Over the knee (OTK) It is a very personal position, and it is easy to restrain a struggling spankee
Sarah- It really depends on the implement, although I also really do like the OTK position as well. It’s comforting, as well as, like Bill said, easy to be held down if necessary.

So, what’s your least favorite spanking position?
Bill- Well, being tied down or restrained to something. it is impersonal and to close to BDSM, however I have used it.
Sarah- My least favorite spanking position is the diaper position. It’s uncomfortable and difficult to hold, and for me, at least, when it’s a disciplinary matter, makes me focus more on the exposure rather than the issue at hand.

What is your least favorite implement?
Bill- The quirt. very whippy and stingy. however it is also nice because it does not leave bad bruises, but somewhat severe welts.
Sarah- I’d have to agree with Bill on this one. The quirt is awful, and I fear it above any other implement, although there are a few that are relatively close to it. For me, however, another thing that I hate about it is that it barely marks me. If I’m going to be in that much pain, I want to at least have some ‘battle scars’, LOL.

Sarah, what is the hardest spanking you have ever received on camera or off?
Bill- The hardest one I have ever received was no on camera, and it was on par with lupis or rigid east maybe more severe.
Sarah- The hardest spanking I have ever received off camera in terms of how long it lasted was a belt whipping that lasted about 4 hours over the course of two days. It took me about a month to heal completely. But it you’re talking which hurt the most – well, I’d have to say the thirty with the quirt. Hands down.

Do you watch any other spanking models? Do you admire one in particular?
Bill- Yes, I love real spankings models when they were using Kailee, and Sarah. I am also a huge fan of Katie Rose or Katie James.. >From Clare Fonda, Chelsea Piffter and Kelly Payne videos.
Sarah- I honestly don’t watch specific models. I used to browse the free sections of various sites, but never really paid attention to names. More interested in the spanking itself.

Have you ever thought about selling your clips, I am sure many people
would be interested?
Bill- Well I have thought about it, however I think offering the free videos is just more of the thing to do for me, however I would not mind the income, I understand that a lot of people are in a financial bind, and can not buy a monthly subscription to a spanking web site. or order DVD’s, hence why I used the fund raiser to make a little money to keep the free videos going.
Sarah- I’ve thought about it. But I agree with Bill on this one as well. I know how frustrating it is to only see 30 seconds to a minute or two if you’re lucky of a good quality spanking.

Where do you live? Just the State is fine?
Bill- Tri-Cities Washington
Sarah- Same, but moved from Austin Texas

How long have you and Sarah been a couple?
Bill- about 2 months
Sarah- About 2, 2 1/2 months. Not sure of the exact date.

How did you meet?

Bill- Spanking tube, Sarah responded to one of my adds when I was looking for other spankos.
Sarah- Well, I’d been watching Bill’s videos for about a week and really liked them. Finally scrolled down to the comments and saw that he had his IM address and phone number posted. I didn’t have the guts to actually call, but did IM. Things went from there… and I’m quite happy with how things have turned out.

Thank you Bill and Sarah for the wonderful spanking videos and your interview. We all wait in anticipation for your future spanking videos.
– Marcus