BigBootySpankings For sale

That is right is for sale. If you are interested read the following news from the site,

“Big Booty Spankings for Sale!
No its not a plot, its for real. Its time to move this site to the next level. Unfortunately i dont have the time anymore. So if any of you feel the need to keep this site alive, im glad to assist. It doesnt mean that this has to be the end? So if you are interested in buying the site and keeping it in the air you will make me, and a lot of big booty fans very happy. If you want more info about the site you can reach me at:”

Zodiac also gave us a new Big Booty video over at Check it out.

Thanks Zodiac for all the great spankings.

– Marcus


Muffin is at it again.

Oh Muffin, when will you learn. Muffin gets in trouble again for not wearing dress clothes to work and instead is wearing a shirt that says, “This is what Spoiled looks like.” Her Master punishes her according for her continue disobedience. This is for you muffin. You can watch their video here.


Real Life is a Bitch

Hey all,

I wanted to make sure you caught a new video submitted on It is called “The Punishment Ritual, Part 1” and can be watched here. I don’t know what it was about this video but it was very intriguing. I think it was the guys voice, he might do audio books or something of the sort, I found it very soothing. I am not much into watching Femdom, I prefer M/F or F/F, but I could get into this kind of video. I really like the way it was told. This is part 1 of 3, so check out for future updates. Click here for the video on Spankingtube.

Happy Spankings,


Add one to the stable…

It looks like the folks at Realspankings added a new site to their stable of great sites. The newest site is called and features The Headmaster as the spanker and 5 spanking models at the moment. There is tons of free spanking videos to check out and a cool search feature to help you make your decision. The site is only $14.95, which is pretty cheap for the amount of content and update schedule(5 times a week). So go join Spanked Coeds and come back and let us know what you think.

Here is a list of other great sites by The Realspankings Network: Realspankings, Realspankings Institute, Realspankings Pass, Spanking Teen Jessica, BiSpanking, Spanking Teen Brandi, Spanking Bailey, and Women Spanking Men.

Free Video on

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As always we are dedicated to bringing you free spanking videos and movies. Happy Spankings!!

– Marcus

Birthday Spankings

There is nothing better then watching someone get spanked on their birthday. Check out for tons of realistic birthday spankings. I posted a few below to give you a taste. The last one takes me back to those college days. Enjoy.