Nadia’s Wet Bottom Blistering – Oulaw Video

Mr. Outlaw from Outlaw video has tons of videos on We are going to talk about his most recent video upload. You can watch it below or if you have trouble, click here.

Video Title: Nadia’s Wetbottom and Ass Fucking
Description: Little Nadia continues to be naughty and disrespectful, this time it is time for a proper punishment. Outlaw spanks her on a wet bottom and uses the nasty prison strap, the spoon, and a leather paddle which makes her scream and cry. The tear pour out of her eyes. Just when she thinks it’s over it is time for a brutal ass fucking.

Model and Scene Details: Nadia has done two full scenes at Outlaw video and was referred by another model, Natilee. She likes to be spanked and loves anal sex. Her first scene was called, “Nadia, Bellted for Cheating”. The second scene she did, the trailer is above, was called, “Nadia’s Wetbottom and Ass Fucking”. In this scene she is spanked on her wet bottom with a prison strap, a spoon, and a leather paddle. After she is spanked to tears, Outlaw ass fuck’s her until she orgasms three times. Nadia is 19 years and and we hope to see more of her on The link to her full video is,, you can purchase the video in parts or all together.

I asked Outlaw a few questions about his business and models and this is what he said, ” Outlaw Spanking Video was founded on the non profit principle. Originally I offered spanking movies on my blog for free. When I started selling my movies I made my customers this promise: When you buy an Outlaw Spanking Video you make an investment in the company. I invest all monies received into making better Videos, equipment, advertising, and paying the models. I try to get better with each and ever
Video. As a result I have a very loyal fan base. If someone has a good suggestion then they should leave it on the blog, if I can incorporate it into a movie idea, I will. Spanking at Outlaw Spanking Video is done for love of spanking.” You can view Outlaw’s blog at:

Keep up the good work Outlaw and keep the videos coming.

– Marcus