SpankingTube Redesign coming 9/1/22

So after a few years of the same design we decided Spanking Tube needed a refresh. The layout is going to be similar on most pages but not all. Here are some new features that are coming:

  1. Quick Site preferences where you can choose to see all content or just “Straight” or “Gay” content, along with non-spanking general Fetish Videos.
  2. We are adding more spanking and fetish categories.
  3. New Upload Page for videos and photos. You can now easily upload more than one photo.
  4. Updated profile page to better show off you content.
  5. Updated video page to show a larger video player.
  6. New commenting system with direct replies.
  7. And a ton more tweaks…

A few things we are hopefully adding at a later date:

  1. Languages. We are looking at adding different languages which will change the menu and site titles, etc. to your preferred language.
  2. We are working on adding more video advertising options and hopefully at the same time letting video contributing members have more control over their advertising.
  3. Network Channels for producers to better present their content

P.S. The site will be down for a few hours on 9/1/2022 at approx 10am MST.

Thanks everyone for your support.


Simply Discipline and Female Domination

Peaches, who is new to Spanking Tube, but has been active in the BDSM and Spanking community for many years, has now opened his own Clips4sale store called Simply Discipline. When visiting Simply Discipline you will find the sexy and dominant Lola along with many other woman including Miss Chris, Lady Mina, and Sky Terrapin serving out the punishments. *(Lady Mina and Sky Terrapin videos coming soon)
Peaches latest video released on 1/24/22 titled, “Discipline in the Bedroom With Lola and Peaches” is simply amazing. The way Lola grabs Peaches cock with such authority while she spanks and straps his ass to a bright red. Whew, any man would be lucky to trade places with Peaches. 🙂

Here are some links to find Peaches:

Spanking Library Simply Discipline Videos – Exclusive Peaches Femdom F/M Videos

Clips4sale Simply Discipline Videos – Exclusive Peaches Femdom F/M Videos
Clips4sale Simply Discipline Videos – Exclusive Peaches Femdom F/M Videos
Clips4sale Madam Director Videos – Lola Exclusive Femdom F/M Videos
Peaches1NYC SpankingTube Account – For Simply Discipline Peaches Trailers

Latest SpankingTube trailer as of 1/24/2022, “Discipline In The Bedroom, With Lola and Peaches”

Photos Courtesy of Peaches – Current and Past Discipline:

Spanked Samantha

Samantha is a hot petite cutie that can take one hell of a spanking. Here is a qoute from her OnlyFans page, “Hi y’all, I’m Samantha, a 22 year old college student just trying to spank my way through school right now. I made this site to chronicle my spanking journey, you’ll see weekly fresh spanking videos and updates on how my poor bottom is doing in the meantime! I’d also like you, the fans, to decide how I’m spanked!”

If you want to see more of Samantha and support her, you can see more at the links below.
Only Fans – Spanked Samantha
Spanked Samantha – Clips 4 Sale

SpankingTube – Spanked Samantha (Free Video Trailers)
Samanth24195450 – Twitter Page

New Spanking site

If you like hard spankings on big spankable bottoms this new site is for you. or Universal Spankings is full of hard punishments using the heavy black strap, cane, lexan and wooden paddle, and belt. Each bottom is left marked and bruised. The content is from one of the most popular spanking producers on Spanking Library and Clips4sale, Universal Spanking and Punishments. You can check out some of their trailers below.

New Site

A new site has launched at You can buy and sell fetish niche videos in almost all categories, especially spanking. 🙂 Check it out and let us know what you think.
Here is a trailer from one of their latest uploads. A spanking compilation video starring Jill Kassidy, Britney Light, and Alex Reynolds.

Variety is the Spice of Life

If you want a variety of spanking videos look no further then You can download full videos from the top spanking producers. Below is a list of producers that contribute videos to Marked Butts. You get over 500+ Spanking Clips to watch and enjoy for only $9.99 per month for the 6 month option.

Featured Videos from:

Worst Behavior Productions Updates

Worst Behavior Productions landed on the scene a few years ago and has been making great videos ever since. They have made some great M/F videos but multi-girl videos with two or more girls, F/F or F/FF scenes, is their bread and butter. See some of their great videos and pictures below from their latest shoots. You can purchase their videos on Clip4Sale and they just re-launched their store on SpankingLibrary. For the latest WBP updates visit their Twitter page @PenaltySwats.

For The Love of Spanking

For the love of spanking

Welcome to For The Love Of Discipline. We are a real couple in California who truly loves and practices domestic discipline in our everyday lives, whenever the need or opportunity may arise. From punishment and discipline, to maintenance and fun, we are true spanking enthusiasts. AJ (Baby Girl), is a beautiful young mixed ebony, with a bottom to die for, and I (Daddy) am a strict, but loving disciplinarian. All of our content is real and unacted. We hope that you will enjoy our affordable videos. 🙂

Free Trailers:

For More Trailers Visit Our Profile or Our Store

UK Age Verification Coming Soon

If you live in the UK be prepared to verify your age before you access any porn site. Your country has passed the Digital Economy Act and has set a enforcement date of July 15th, 2019 that requires pretty much any porn site, even outside of the UK, to verify the users age before they are able to gain access to any content/images if their IP Address is from the UK. If porn sites do not comply with these measures they can be fined, blocked by ISP’s, have their billing revoked, etc. Not sure how a fine would work for lets say a person / company in the U.S. but they could very easily force billing companies like CCBill, Epoch, etc to stop billing for non-complaint porn sites.

I think most of us could agree that we do not want underage individuals looking at porn, at least hardcore porn, but on the flip side the naked body and sex is a natural thing that should be celebrated and not hidden behind some wall. I personally find it more offensive with all the hate and violence all over of the internet and would much rather that be banned than a beautiful image of a naked woman.

I am not sure 100% what we are going to do since we own and many other spanking sites but will see how things go over the next few months. If you live in the UK be ready to get some sort of Age Verification Card or at the minimum a subscription to a VPN service like Private Internet Access.

Here are some articles about what is coming and a few about what services will be used to check your age.

Age Verification services / software that have been talked about:


AgeID – which is owned by MindGeek / PornHub.