Let’s Get This Party Started!!

Who doesn’t love a spanking party. Good friends, red bottoms, ah I am in heaven. Well it seems it is that time of year again to strap on your cowboy boots and spurs and mosey on over to the best dam spanking party in Texas! The Texas All State Spanking Party!!!! It is June 14th through the 17th in Dallas, Texas.

Last year was a roaring success with 194 attendees. Man that is a lot of bottoms to spank in one weekend. This year they expect even more spanko’s to attend.

They have confirmed tons of hot spanking models ready for your firm hand including Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sarah Gregory, Katherine St. James, Jenni Mack, Princess Kelley May, Skylar, Natasha Miller, Shay Elizabeth and Sam James. If you are looking to be spanked, look no further then their confirmed tops which include Dana Spect, Miss Chris, Maitresse Renee, Mistress Teresa, Mike Billa, Paul “The Tubeman” Rogers, and Kyle Johnson. You can photos and bio for each model / top by clicking here.

If you are not convinced that this is going to be the rootinest, tootinest, spanking party this this side of the Mississippi then how about some great spanking promos videos to wet your noodle. More free promo videos can be seen at SpankingTube.com or by visiting the Texas All-State Spanking Party webpage and clicking on Promos. Good Spankings – Marcus