Who ordered the New SpankingTube?

Is it 2012 and the end of the world or did SpankingTube just get a whole lot better. I will let you decided.

But on a serious note we will be updating the website over the next few days and features might be turned off if needed and the website might be down for a few minutes here and there. So please be patient while we make SpankingTube the best ass kickin’ ist spanking website on the planet

Here is a list of all the new great features that will be available with the new software:

1. HD Videos – If a HD video is uploaded you will be able to show the video in full screen and see each red ass as it was intended, in HD.

2. Original Video Sizes – Even though the initial video window will be a smaller size, you can still watch the video in its original screen size up to 630px. Again all you have to do is click the full screen icon and then select “original”.

3. Higher Quality Videos – All new videos uploaded even if they are not HD will look better because we are now using a better compression technology and also the video encoding will be at a higher bitrate.

4. Blogs – Each member will be able to create their own blog and be able to post anything they want. – (Be nice and respectful, don’t make me hit the BAN button)

5. Spanking Pictures – You can now upload your own spanking pictures before and after you receive the spanking that I am sure you deserved.

6. Instant Messaging – Spanking Friends will now be able to send messages to each other about the days events and who spanked who by the water cooler.

7. There is tons and tons of more features but I will let you discover those for yourself.

Happy Spankings,

The Spanking Tube Team